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The Crystal Beads, Lalka's Journey is described as:

"A poignant story of bravery, sacrifice, and love"

"A heartbreaking, yet beautiful story"

"A journey worth reading about"

This engaging story of The Crystal Beads, Lalka's Journey is capturing so many people's attention, and they're posting such wonderful reviews and testimonials. Check out what they have to say about Pat, The Crystal Beads, and why you should add this innovative book about the Holocaust to your library:

Kirkus Reviews calls The Crystal Beads an "An affecting wartime reflection for young readers." And they say:
"Royz’s illustrations complement the text beautifully, with soft, homey scenes of the mother and daughter, depictions of the mother’s deep concern, and images of the Nazis, which all draw the reader into this emotional work."
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Dr. Nora Gold, Editor-in-Chief of Jewish Fiction. net states:
"This is  moving adaptation for children of a fine story written for adults, which was originally published in Jewish Fiction .net. It is fascinating to see how this adult story has been successfully transformed into a meaningful and interestingly illustrated children's book. Black-Gould's hope is that this book will serve as a tool for teaching children tolerance, compassion, courage, and respect for diversity. I share her worthy hope.
                                                                  -Dr. Nora Gold, Prize-winning author of Marrow, Fields of Exile, and The Dead Man

The Children's Book Review says: "In the vastness of something as traumatic and devastating as the Holocaust, the individual stories and voices can sometimes get lost in a sea of atrocities. The Crystal Beads gives voice and life back to just one of those stories, helping readers see truths about compassion, empathy, and caring for others amidst the horror and sadness of war."
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Rosepoint Publishing calls The Crystal Beads,  "A teachable moment"...
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J.R.'s Book Reviews reports, "A beautifully illustrated, heartfelt story about what can be a violent story, but this one is told with compassion and understanding."
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Antoinette Truglio Martin says The Crystal Beads is, "A perfect addition to school and home libraries and would supplement the studies of history and the Holocaust."
To read Antoinette's full review visit her site here.

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"The book is raw, real and emotional. The illustrations are incredible and help share this important story in a very powerful way. Although it is a children's book, young adults and adults would benefit from reading this book to experience empathy during a dark time our history."
 - Christina D.

"I purchased this book as a gift for a child to read but decided to read it first. I enjoyed this novel so much I've recommended to my circle of friends who like me agree this is more than a child's book."
- Leia

"This is a bittersweet story of a mother's heartbreak and childhood innocence. It is a very different Holocaust story; sweetly and beautifully written. I cried. It is simple, yet powerful, in its message."
- K. Crowley Gardner

"I was very moved and impressed by the beautifully written story and the artwork of The Crystal Beads, Lalka's Journey... The writing is superb, and the artwork, with its grays and sepias and expressive faces, complements the story perfectly. I recommend this book wholeheartedly for readers of all ages, especially middle schoolers who perhaps may be studying this event in history."
 - Bella

"This is a heartbreaking, yet beautiful story that introduces children to the Holocaust in a gentle, age-appropriate way - through the eyes of a child...I could easily see this book being used for instruction in elementary, middle school, high school or even college classes. There is so much to unpack and so many subtle layers to this book. As an adult, I was very moved by The Crystal Beads, Lalka's Journey and I think you will be too."
- Jackie Nix

"This is a beautiful, gentle look at one of humanity's darkest periods... I loved sharing this book with my kids. They cried and we had deep talks. It was a call to action for them to help whenever they could."
- Natasha Carlow

"Pat has written an emotional story about the Holocaust. This story is timely today and will always be needed, to ensure we do not forget. It is a story of love that presents a unique perspective for both children and adults."
- Holly Rogoschewsky

The Crystal Beads, Lalka’s Journey is a beautifully written book by Pat Black-Gould, and illustrated by Katya Royz. This children’s book tells an important and unique Holocaust story. But honestly, as an adult, I found it to be meaningful, powerful, and poetic."
- Anna Salton Eisen

"Pat Black-Gould not only taught this tragic piece of world history, but she captured the very essence of emotions that the characters portrayed , and allowed the reader to live in those individual’s shoes."
- DH

"This is an amazing, well thought out and illustrated book. Every school library NEEDS this book, so we never forget how good people help each other out regardless of race, creed or politics. Read it to your children now!"
- Joanne Tornambe

"As a mother, I cannot imagine the agonizing decision to allow your child to be reared not only by strangers, but to be taught a foreign religion. The Crystal Beads offers children a gentle introduction to the topic of WWII... If you have wondered how to sensitively introduce a child to information about WWII, this book is a perfect starting point. It offers a poignant example of a mother's sacrificial love in light of a terrifying period in history. I highly recommend this book for every public, school, or home library."
- Jill & Albin J. Stanish

"Wow! A stunning story of a mother’s unthinkable choice to save her daughter’s life by teaching her to play a “game. This story opens up avenues for conversations about a torrid time in history. An important read for children and adults alike."
- Brian Curran

"From the first pages, Pat Black-Gould immediately draws the reader into the story’s heartbreak, allowing us to feel the despair of the mother and the turmoil of the little girl. We want to cry out at the injustice and cruelty that forces a mother and child to be separated. But the author handles the emotions with a subtle and light hand while at the same time educating us... Though a children’s book, the story touches all ages for its universal themes. Highly recommended."
- Tom Roberts

"Pat Black-Gould’s skillful writing pulls readers into a world that many could never imagine having to experience and into a life-saving decision most could never imagine having to make... There is so much to feel and ponder in the text of this heartfelt and heart wrenching story, which is enhanced by the mood of Katya Royz’s period illustrations. A must for any bookshelf."
- Colleen Murphy

"In The Crystal Beads, author Patricia Black-Gould and illustrator Elaterina Royz deftly combine text and artwork to multiply the power of the book's message exponentially. This is an important story for all generations to read and read again. It is memorably rendered with compassion and tenderness. The author's complimentary article on the paperclip project shows the positive results that educators and authors inspire when they have the courage to tackle such difficult subjects with skill and sensitivity."
- Claire Massey
"The Crystal Beads, Lalka's Journey is a beautifully told story with amazing illustrations. The story of a mom who protected her daughter in an extraordinary way. It is a story of faith, trust, love and community. It is also a story that shines a light on one of the darkest events in human history - the Holocaust. I highly recommend this book for children and adults."
- Ann Clark

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