Pat Black-Gould

Award-Winning Author

The Crystal Beads is a finalist in the Royal Palm Literary Award Competition

Sep 11, 2023 by Pat Black-Gould
Royal Palms Literary AwardIt is such an honor to be named as a Finalist for the 2023 Royal Palms Literary Award Competition.
The award is sponsored by the Florida Writers Association. 

Lalka continues to spread her messages of compassion, courage, and sacrifice.
Acceptance of each other---despite our differences is an important message in today's world.
Not only for children to learn but for adults to remember as well.

Take the time to read Lalka's story. Share it with children and other adults as well. Take a look
at the study guides in the back of the book. There's one for kids and one for adults. Take about
these with each and help to continue to spread Lalka's messages.