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Joining 3G Philly for a Book Talk

Mar 01, 2023 by Pat Black-Gould
3G PhillyI came across 3G Philly after I published my book and I was drawn to them. I included the mission statement from their website:

"3G Philly is a collective of grandchildren of Holocaust survivors in the Delaware Valley seeking to honor our grandparents through education, advocacy, and peer support, in order to uphold the pledge of "never again."
Here's their website:  3G Philly Website

I wasn't aware that such an organization existed. And when I read about them, I realized that Katya Royz, my book's illustrator, was a third-generation survivor.  So, I contacted 3G Philly and was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to join them for a reading and discussion of my book. This was a truly incredible experience. Both children and adults had excellent questions that led to a thoughtful and engaging discussion about the Holocaust and the need for more compassion,inclusion, and understanding of each other--despite our differences.

Since this was a presentation for all ages, I was pleased to see that four generation of Holocaust survivors present. I spoke to a first generation survivor, Rita Ross, who wrote a Holocaust book about her own experience as a little girl growing up in Poland during this time. You can find her book, '"Journey to Happily Ever After" on Amazon. I highly recommend it.

I want to thank 3G Philly for this opportunity and for their feedback about my presentation:

"...Pat read her recently published award-winning children's Holocaust book, The Crystal Beads: Lalka's Journey, and then engages all ages in thought-provoking conversations that inspired us to learn from the lessons of the Holocaust. The illustrator of the book, Katya Royz, is a 3G herself, making this book extra special to us.  As grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, we know the importance of sharing Holocust stories. We plan to share The Crystal Beads with others to educate and inspire others to engage in these important conversations."