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Jennifer Rosner, Author of The Yellow Bird Sings

Jan 09, 2022 by Pat Black-Gould

In reading The Yellow Bird Sings, the word courage came to mind. The courage of the mother who does what she can to keep her child's spirit and soul alive. And the courage of those who protected them, knowing what they would face if caught.  Dr. Rosner brings these characters to life and we feel for what is in their hearts and what is in their souls as they go through their long journey. Here are her words:

                                                                 Writing about the unbreakable bonds and unbounded brilliance of the
                                                                 hidden children of the holocaust, I've sought in The Yellow Bird Sings,
                                                                 to honor their memories.

The words, "hidden children" touched my heart. Roza, the mother in the story shields her five-year-old daughter, Shira, in a barn. But eventually, the mother realizes that in order to keep her daughter safe, she must make a difficult decision, a decision no mother ever wants to make.

It is not surprising that Jennifer's book received the honor of being a National Jewish Book Award Finalist and has been translated into ten la.languages. The New York Times Book Review notes that The Yellow Bird Sings is an "Exquisite, absolutely beautiful and necessary novel."