Book Review: The Butterfly, Patricia Polacco

Oct 04, 2021 by Pat Black-Gould

One person who took that risk was Marcelle Solliliage. We are introduced to her and her daughter, Monique, who believes she found a ghost in her bedroom. It turned out this ghost was a little Jewish girl, Sevrine, who, along with her family, were hiding in the basement.

We witness the friendship develop between these two children and we learn about Sevrine and her family’s history. We also learn that the woman hiding this family was part of the French Underground and resistance and that the story was based on the author’s great aunt.

The illustrations that accompany the text, are powerful representations of the terror brought into the lives of so many innocent people. However, the book also shows that the bravery and compassion of many civilians helped saved numerous lives.

This is a story that needs to be told and retold. And it’s a story our younger generation needs to here. Thanks to Patricia Polacco, she delivers the message beautifully.