Pat Black-Gould

Award-Winning Author

Pat is honored to be a Goid Medal Winner of  2023 Royal Palm Literary Award Competition, sponsored by the Florida Writers Association.
Watch Pat's PBS TV interview with Jeff Weeks on his program, CONVERSATIONS WITH JEFF WEEKS.
Sit down with Pat as she reads an excerpt from The Crystal Beads.


Pat Black-Gould

Pat Black-Gould, Ph.D. is an author and a clinical psychologist. Her short stories have appeared in several literary journals.

Initially written as a short story, The Crystal Beads was first published in and later won first place in both a statewide and a national writing competition.

The Crystal Beads, Lalka's Journey is written as a children's book. However, it is also designed for readers of all ages. The book contains two study guides. One set is a series of questions for children, parents, and teachers. The other set is for adults who gather in places of worship, small groups, and book clubs to explore themes of compassion, empathy, and diversity.

The book can be used as a curriculum guide. In addition to the quetsions. The Afterword contains a message from a Holocaust survivor.  In addition, readers can learn about the history of the Clip Project and the Children's Holocaust Memorial.

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school, library, book club, religious institution, or organization. 

"Thanks so much, Pat. Our school and community are forever grateful! You are always welcome in our tiny town with awesome dreams."    -- Dr. Josh Holtcamp, Principal, Whitwell Middle School,Tennessee

"We were thrilled to have Dr. Pat Black-Gould speak to our PBUMC women's group. We were intrigued by the power of her story, evolving from a brief remark years ago to the full publication--The Crystal Beads, Lalka's Journey. There is almost more to the story. Pat has the gift of keeping listeners entertained while bringing to light the difficult topics like labeling, judging, hatred, and evil in our past and our present. Thank you, Pat, for speaking the truth and inspiring us to be better."   --Jeannie Patee, The Gracce Ladies, Perdido Bay United Methodist Church, Pensacola, Florida

"3G Philly, an organization comprised of grandchildren of Holocaust survivors was elated to collaborate with Pat on a multi-generational program with her recently published picture book ...  (Pat) curated discussion questions suitable for all ages that reminded us not only of the power of hearing Holocaust stories but the critical conversations it leads to that inspires each of us to be compassiona, empathic, and caring human beings."           -- 3G Philly, Philadelphia


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